Friday, 28 February 2014

good morning

hi blog followers ,good morning i haven't spoken to you guys in a long time ......

so have a good day guys

Monday, 24 February 2014

i want a puppy sooooooooo freaking baaaaaaad

my only dream is to have a brand new puppy a little chihuahua mixed with a Rottweiler it would make me the most happiest girl in the world i'm not even joking it would honestly make me the most happiest girl in the whole entire world because it has been my dream since i was a little girl to have two dogs not just one dog of course i love my puppy so much like with all of my heart . in fact but a wise man once said to me ("always pursue your dreams for what you want and don't stop until your mission is accomplished")  

------my dad said that  but he didn't exactly say it that way he said it a way similar   

so you know what blog followers my dream is to get a little chihuahua/rottweiler=mix 

and honestly i really hope that i get one i am dying for one so...... daddy bear if you are reading this i really  hope that you will consider it , it would mean a lot   to me i love you all blog followers including you daddy bear thank you all for reading 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

me i am so beautiful don't mean to brag lol

my daddy and i a couple years ago that was a very fun night it was at the raptors game and ... LUCK OF THE IRISH AND ALSO RAPTORS they won wew - hew

this is my grand daddy also known as grandpa or grandfather i love him and miss him he died on my birthday 11/13/13 around 6:30 at night i miss him so much R.I.P grand papa i miss you so much

Katy Perry !!!!!

Katy Perry Flaunts A Fabulous New Hairdo - It's Bobs & Bangs Galore! Plus, Is That Cute Pomeranian Her Valentine?!

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katy perry short haircut reveal cute dog valentines day instagram
This. Is. Perfect.
America's favorite California Gurl unveiled a hot new haircut this week and — we're not gonna lie — we absolutely LOVE it!!!
Think you can handle the cute? Ch-ch-check out Katy Perry's unconditionally adorable bob for yourself (above)!!
Awww! We never imagined she'd wind up cutting her hair so short, but it works on her! In fact, it looks SUPER seXXXy!
KatyCats might be disappointed that their girl didn't accessorize with that glorious Dark Horse grill she was rocking the other day, but it's cool because the 29-year-old starlet wound up posing with the next best thing…
A totally adorable puppy!
OMG, yes!!! He's the cutest Valentine EVER!
We hope she treats him to something special tonight because we'd hate for him to be the one that got away, LOLz!
[Image via WENN.]
Posted: Feb 14, 2014 at 7:30 pm